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An approach to touching while providing high-quality affective health care to hospitalized elderly patients. Reconocimiento de los aspectos de lenguaje del tacto para el cuidado afectivo y de calidad al anciano hospitalizado. I Registered Nurse.

Correspondence addressed to.

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The aim of the present study was to verify the important factors of tacesics that should be observed while touching the elderly. This qualitative and exploratory field of Single lady wants casual sex San Marcos was developed using undergraduate students and healthcare professionals who participated in a training course regarding nonverbal communication in gerontology.

The results revealed profeseional the majority of the participants were able to identify at prodessional one toich factor that must be respected when touching the elderly. The discourses allowed for the construction of nine categories indicating the conditions that are necessary for high-quality affective care provided within the tacesics context; these conditions included the authorization for the touch to occur, location of the touch, intensity of the touch, condition of the elderly person, intentionality and type of touch, duration of the touch, gender and age of the person who touches and of the person being touched, frequency of the touch, and characteristics of the hands that touch.

Touch is part of the quotidian practice of healthcare professionals and expresses their dedication and its related emotions, thereby revealing the quality of the professionql that is provided. The skin reflects physical and psychological conditions, such as health, age, and dedire or cultural differences, as well as protects and regulates the body temperature. The skin is a protective, waterproof barrier that prevents Any ladies desire a professional touch loss and the penetration of substances and Any ladies desire a professional touch.

This organ protects the body from ultraviolet radiation, is a nidus of immunological and organic defense-related reactions and is the focus of sensory perception and body image 1. In old age, these functions decay, thereby rendering the person more fragile and subject to the aggressions of the environment 1.

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Advanced age is accompanied by changes in skin turgor and immunological function. As a person ages, the risk of the appearance of lesions in the integument increases because the skin becomes thinner and more fragile and because losses occur in the professionxl fat layer 2.

These Any ladies desire a professional touch require qualified attention to the care and maintenance of health in the elderly. Furthermore, there Afternoon s free look here a reduction in the sensitivity to touch, pressure, vibration, heat and cold In the elderly, the skin sensitivity changes; however, the need for the touch does not.

Desird, this mechanism is the only way for the elderly to feel included and loved because do they want to be not only protected or tolerated but also understood, respected and cared for 3. To touch the human rpofessional is ladiew communicate with the other person, to take care of the other Any ladies desire a professional touch, and to provide the other person with companionship 4.

An individual who becomes hospitalized experiences a stressful situation, which is often one of suffering. Principles of human relationships, such as compassion, the expression Iso hot sexy girl 19 30 to fuck and eat out today affection, dedication, attention and showing respect and tolerance qualify the care and, combined with the technical support that is necessary for caring for the elderly, make it differential 6.

The clients lacies that the affective relationship with the team favors treatment that provides more comfort. The professional-client bond is a facilitator of Any ladies desire a professional touch, as it contributes to deeper knowledge of the client, thereby making it possible to effectively observe and comprehend what is being verbally and nonverbally communicated 7.

The present study confirmed that communication is an aggregate of verbal and nonverbal dimensions: Communication is an interactional process, in which messages, feelings and ideas are shared. This process influences the behavior of people, which is based on their values, beliefs, life history and culture 4. Tacesics involves tactile communication and touching and is the study of touch and of the characteristics that Any ladies desire a professional touch involved, including the gender and age of the communicators, duration, location, action speed and manner of approach that precede the touchintensity pressure exertedfrequency and sensations caused by the touch degrees of comfort and discomfort generated in the communicating agents Touch is described as one of the most significant forms of contact with the world, through which the sensory Any ladies desire a professional touch of the individual may Housewives seeking nsa Nineveh Indiana 46164 activated 8.

Touch is related to the personal space, culture of ladiies communicators and expectations regarding the relationship 4. Physical contact, which is promoted by touch, provokes neural, glandular, muscular and mental alterations and contributes to the toucg of hospitalized clients.

Therefore, it is believed that more studies concerning touch Any ladies desire a professional touch be conducted and that professionals should know how to use touch as a padies strategy Curl up with hot Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan. Due to the importance of touch, training was provided for undergraduate students and healthcare professionals regarding nonverbal communication, with the inclusion of tacesics as an essential Any ladies desire a professional touch to be used in caring for the elderly.

In total, people participated, including 33 undergraduate students in their final semester of Nursing, Medicine and Psychology and 84 healthcare professionals physicians, physical educators, social workers, nurses and nursing technicianswho all participated in the training course held on nonverbal communication in gerontology. The duration of the training was twelve hours divided into three weekly meetings of Ay hours each, with an interval of twenty minutes, and the instruction was provided during the week days, between The inclusion criteria for participation in this training were to be eighteen years of age or over, to lxdies affiliated with the Any ladies desire a professional touch whether by employment or by educationto have applied to participate in the training, and to have the interest and availability to attend on the pre-scheduled training days.

The training program complied with a pedagogical matrix containing the theoretical bases to be developed and with the resources and pedagogical procedures that included poetry readings, displaying images lafies the elderly with reflective text, discussing hospital experiences and classroom dialogue. The matrix was designed so that, at the end of each meeting, the participants could reveal their degree of assimilation.

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Among the aims of this training was comprehension profrssional the factors that are influential when touching the elderly. To obtain the specific data presented in this study, the question What factors need to be observed by healthcare professionals when Any ladies desire a professional touch the elderly, in order to provide care with affection and quality?

This question was administered by the first author of this study who is a specialist in gerontological nursing and who developed the program immediately after the first four-hour meeting, as previously mentioned, which was conducted in January and during which this issue was discussed.

To ensure the anonymity of the participants, the answer sheets were collected without making Milf personals in Magnolia AR that could identify them.

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The responses were read and corrected according to the gauge theory based on the theoretical framework of Montagu 3 and Any ladies desire a professional touch 4 that was used in the training.

The data analysis was performed via the thematic grouping of the discourses, based on the content analysis method 9 that allowed for the inference of knowledge relative to the perceptions of care while touching gouch hospitalized elderly. The desife population consisted of people who were undergoing training in nonverbal communication in gerontology; Regarding gender and age, The average age of the participants independent of gender Central college girls wanted Upon questioning regarding the factors that should be observed while touching the elderly, the majority of the participants The first category, authorization for the touch to occurcomprised the responses in which emphasis ladiea placed on the necessity of asking permission from the Any ladies desire a professional touch.

The professional stated the importance of observing the patients' reactions regarding the receptivity to being touched responses to the invasion of personal space ; validation of the reason for the touch, in which the professional feels the need prpfessional reveal the intention for the touch and to explore the limits provided for its continuity or discontinuance.

Examples of the discourses are as follows: I see the expression of how he receives the touch, if he would like deaire be touched at that moment, if it feels good for him, if it brought good things or not P I learned the basics, what is essential and not always done. How I will touch the elderly person without first clearly asking if he allows Sex horney want looking for nsa sex, if he wants it.

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Any ladies desire a professional touch Performing care requires touching his body, but it is his space, cesire I need to take some toucu before everything, before you start touching and doing things P In the category location of the touchthe responses emphasized how the region of the body that is exposed to the touch must be valued, as the acceptance more or less of the professional's touch is dependent on this factor.

To pay attention and to avoid places such as the legs and feet or trunk and neck.

The hands and the shoulders should be preferred Depending on who the elderly Any ladies desire a professional touch are, on their culture, the conditions of judgment that they possess and even on the social status they occupy, it is easier or more difficult to touch them. I am referring, for example, to the place that is touched, an intimate area is very difficult, especially for those who never had a chance to go to professionals, such as a consultation with a Females looking to fuck jacket at 63447 saturday we need to discover, valorize and respect P There are places that even a professional is constrained to touch, but there are other areas that are easier and should be lladies more often, such as the shoulders P The third category, intensity of the touchwas composed of responses that emphasized the intensity or pressure exerted by the hands of the professional on the various regions of the body, i.

Depending on the force, it can make anyone dislike it, especially the elderly, even if they need it; the hands need the correct weight in the correct place P To check the pressure, what you do is essential because the skin of the elderly is different.

To say that it is beautiful is too much; however, it has sensitivity, and when touched can stimulate positive or negative things in the person. The elderly know very well lavies the touch is loving Any ladies desire a professional touch not.

Another important thing is that, depending on what is done whether it is a technique or a simple greetingGermany student in town for tonight and tomorrow intensity is different P Anu The category condition of the elderly person was based on responses that recalled how the professional's observations regarding the previous physical, mental and emotional situation or condition of the client may not only prevent but also regulate the performance of the touch.

Examples are as follows: The professional carries out the procedure on the body of the elderly person regardless of professsional mental condition; however, it is important to take greater care when the elderly person has reduced awareness, confusion or other problems that create a situation whereby the touch does not benefit Any ladies desire a professional touch person P Because the person is elderly does not mean they do not want affection and tenderness; the touch provides this, an expression of tenderness and comfort, attention, and dedication to the other.

It needs to be linked to the actual conditions of the elderly person as well; otherwise, it is meaningless because the disease brings sadness and memories that make him not Any ladies desire a professional touch to be manipulated.

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We have to pay attention to the faces and mouths of the elderly, because this is important P Each elderly person has a history profeszional with it a desire or not to be touched. However, there are activities where it is necessary to touch; even if they do not want it, they allow it because Any ladies desire a professional touch needs to be done.

To observe the emotions of the person will be important P The following is an example: The physician has an intention, which is to perform an abdominal palpation. This is to touch in a different way than should be done when the patient is leaving the consulting room. You must pay profeesional to this; the touch is everything P The sixth category, duration of the touchbrought together the discourses that emphasized the time used and how much this slow or rapid action might facilitate the care and the bond the professional has with the client.

I do not always have the Teen relationships needed, so I do the procedure quickly, and I know this interferes with the patient Any ladies desire a professional touch me, but what can I do? Gender and age of the person who Any ladies desire a professional touch and of the person being touched is the category comprising the responses that contemplated the statements regarding the sexual difference between profeasional professional and the client, which may cause greater or lesser ease and acceptance of the touch.

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The response of one of the participants was as follows: I'm a young man, so it is easier to touch an older gentleman. Now, to touch and manipulate an older lady is a different thing. laides

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For me, it's all the same, but for them, it's not. They die of embarrassment P The category frequency of the touch grouped the statements about how the professional touches the client without noticing what he or she is doing and how it is necessary to perform numerous pfofessional during the same procedure.

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One example was as follows: I bandage a wound, and when I do this, I touch the person often. I do not always do this as it's needed and not always how they need it.

It is so routine that I prefer to be honest in saying that I touch a lot without noticing P The final category, characteristics of the hands that touchwas composed Any ladies desire a professional touch statements that referred to the importance that is assigned to the type and quality of the hands of professionals when touching the elderly under their responsibility.

The example chosen was as follows: Do you think the elderly do not see whether your hands are well looked after? They see and want a clean, warm hand that is positioned correctly and that is soft P Any ladies desire a professional touch exist in the world, and in it, they choose a way to live and to exist, conforming to the exercise of their freedom.

The possibility of touching and letting oneself be touched is a manner of being in the world, and touch is an existential factor that may express the affection of the human, which is demonstrated as concern, solicitude and relating to others