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Michael Caine, 19, chose to go to community college in his hometown, instead Dirnk paying for four years at an elite private university. Community colleges have long operated in the shadows of more expensive, elite four-year colleges, but worries about the cost of college are now drawing students to these two-year programs. A new survey by WGBH News shows Americans believe strongly that community colleges are essential to eave families with opportunities. This fall, Michael Caine could have been Lady want nsa Miles City the leafy campus of an elite four-year college.

Michael's dad is a retirement advisor, and he urged his son avoi attend STCC. He admits going to community college and living at home was a pretty tough sell.

WGBH News asked 1, adults across the country: More than 60 percent advised going to community college and keeping the rest of the money. Anderson's firm conducted the poll, mariage he says the findings show when it comes to college, Americans are putting a premium on value.

The value proposition with four-year colleges may be a little bit out of whack right now.

But you don't learn how they work; how they function. Michael recognizes that some may think he made the wrong decision, because he's missing the on-campus experience, and his education may not look as good on paper to potential employers.

He says as the economy continues to recover, there are millions of decent-paying jobs in the trades that require two-year associate's degrees, so not everyone necessarily needs a four-year degree. And that's, in part, why Michael Caine is sticking with his plan.

And I'm saving money.

And the money he saves these first two years at STCC could give him the option of transferring to a four-year school, without the heavy burden of student loans.

This is part one of our ongoing series on community colleges, "College Material.

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To see the rest of our stories, visit College Material: Community Colleges Come of Age. The Takeaway: Want to Increase Student Success? Redesign Community Colleges.

Confronting Cost. New Business Models.

The Hechinger Report, Higher Ed. NPR, Education.

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Marketplace, Education. Choose a Category.

New Models. Community Colleges: Affordable, Practical, and Increasingly Popular.

October 25, Get regular updates.