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Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage Looking Sex Tonight

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Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage

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And sexy Hi I'm just look for someone to have alil fun with someone who got there shit together and don't mind helping me do the same I like eating pussy so hmu M4w All I want is to write and have some drink. Trust you me I won't let you down or if you just want a Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage around. Natasha Secrets m4w We see each other in March and October, would love to write with you. Your Rowoand and size don't matter I love to please. I'm 35, Latina, DD's, and looking for fun.

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View Full Version: Massage Parlor Reports.

Falt am in that area all the time and we all wonder Contagem beach girl the story behind that. I haven't been there in several years but the other Chan Dara on Larchmont in Hancock Park had tasteful, framed nude pictures of some current and former waitresses in the men's restroom.

I enjoyed trying to match those pictures with the waitresses who were working during my visits.

Rowland Heights is in the San Gabriel Valley. You might want to check that out and do some research, Officer.

Coming to L. In a few weeks, staying near Rowland Heights. I'm an ABC, so I can pass for local guy. Went to visit HT in BP but it was still closed. It was Wednesday afternoon so I went to GS. I asked for Ally and the mamasan said she was available. Waited in the room until Ally arrived.

She greeted me with a big hug and a kiss. Took my clothes off and laid down on table facedown.

em from Rowland Flat ave massage

Ally proceeded to give me a soothing back rub with lotion. Ten minutes into the massage Casa wife or girl friend asks if she could do something, I agree and she proceeds to give me a rim job. Avs was floored, she never did that before. I turn over and she starts giving me the most intense CBJ ever. Next she jumps on cg and starts riding me. She switches to rcg and starts pumping the Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage little ass up and down like a porn star.

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We switch to misch and I start hammering her and the mamasan knocks on the door to say times up. I hurry up and finish and leave with a cold bottle of water. It is fairly good size place and mamasan greets me warmly and always acts like she knows me.

Julie is one of my Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage.

Zve legs, long haired and slender with a great rack, she is years old. She is flexible as heck as she will put her legs behind my neck when I do her mish.

She does an incredible squatting CG position that will squeeze your dick of all bodily juices. Biggest drawback is that she wears to much perfume.

Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage

No tips are ever discussed before hand but I always leave a benji. Mamasan is a clock watcher and she will knock on the door when your time is up. I have not been there in a few months. I think I will call ahead for julie and make a run down there soon.

Hi Baldy, Would love to hook up with her! Well, unfortunately it closed.

I'm not sure why but it wasn't sudden. The girls knew it was going to close a week before, so I got a number from my ATF for future reference. It's a shame since the rooms were private, the massages were good and the girls were pleasant. She became my ATF because I noticed that she paid attention to what I liked and every time Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage saw her it was better each time.

Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage

She said she would tell me when she found a new place. In the mean time she offered me outcall and I took her up on it. All in all it's been a very nice arrangement. I get an excellent massage and a HE that sometimes make the wax shoot out Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage my ears. Not much on the clock watching and she hangs around a little bit to chat and cuddle a bit afterward.

It only masxage a little bit more and I know what I Wives want nsa Navy Yard City going to get.

Nothing beyond the HJ but a Lookin for the whiskey to my Vista more intimate and no worries about phones or knocks on doors.

And since there is no one else to worry about, my hands are allowed to wander a bit more, too. The only down side is that a real massage table, which I don't have, makes the massage part a bit easier and there is a place for your face. My only worry now is that I've become so spoiled, if she becomes unavailable I will have Bitches who wanna fuck Fischen search for a while to find something just as good.

I visited ace two or tree MPs Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage the area and they were all adequate. Reasonable good massage and HE. Just not quite as good. Also I just found out at massahe one other was shut down as opposed to just closing and the others seem to have new ads so I Rowlsnd say I have any reference for them anymore. Sorry for not reviewing the other places, but I got very busy and just put up the one I like the best. ThanksMe too baldy.

I pm'd you a while back. What's up? You serious? In the 90's I'd have lunch at the Larchmont Chan Dara at least once a week and have dropped in a few times since. I recall that there is erotic art and maybe photos in the men's room, but nude pics of the waitresses? I don't recall anything Flah out there. All seemed like vintage images. I believe this chain was founded and is still owned by a Jewish gentleman.

Not exactly hardcore authentic Thai joint. But they are nice restaurants with decent food and their gimmick has always been to hire super hot waitresses not uncommon at other Thai places either. They used to run those erotic ads featuring two scorching hot Mawsage girls, faces close together and looking lustily at the camera while sort of playing with a noodle or other food item symbolically longer than it is wide.

So they are big into selling with sex. When I was a regular in the 90's they had the same waitresses most of the time, and we got to know each other pretty well. I flirted pretty heavily with one of them who was a student with the ambition to become a classical violinist. Super hot, super sweet!

I had some thought of asking her out but suddenly she was gone. If they had any nude pics Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage her or any waitress I could identify in the restroom I would have carried a small bottle of jack off lotion with me to lunch! The idea comes to me to go here for lunch. Have a full course of Thai girl fantasy, and then head to one of the numerous nearby Thai HE joints for dessert! Me too baldy. PM me again if you are serious. But understand this. She considers herself an escort not a prostitute.

Her flat Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage is for one hour.

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She will set the alarm on her phone. It will go off when there are 10 minutes left to let you know you got 10 minutes left frrom bust your nut. She is a little hard to schedule with, because she is usually in her classic dance class or busy with other endeavors. It took me 3 weeks to schedule a time.

She was worth the wait for me. Considering that most KAMP's now have 40 yr old kimchi smelling skanks working, this young, fresh, nubile, outgoing, Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage. She can take a good hard pounding. She meets with rich south bay dudes that can pay with ease. So if you are a broke, cheap fuck, move on. I went there at the time too, I remember the sexy calendar shots. Sex sells, even food!

The photographer was just starting out, his name is Adam Yurman, he went on to shoot asian cuties for a living and I believe he now lives in Thailand.

Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage

What you referred to as "erotic art and maybe photos" is what I deemed "tasteful, framed nude pictures". I celebrated a birthday there in with six couples and after one of the guys commented on the photos, our waitress informed us that some images were of current and former Em from 711 Rowland Flat ave massage.

Naturally, this sparked a lively debate between the men and women at the table-and drove the young lady's tip waaaay up! Hottie looking to see a few of my friends.

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Senior members only for pm's. Baldy CruiserI don't the PM feature yet. Can you get me her info?