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Lonely in all the wrong places

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Put Sundial in the Subject Line, or I won't open, not seeking for Spam, seeking for a kind, caring Lonely in all the wrong places loving soul. I am tall 6-4 very active I am a marketing director and work really hard and play harder. I waiting to starting hanging out asap. I just like life at the present moment. No P2P, or gay boys please.

Age: 29
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: I Wants Teen Fuck
City: St Georges Basin–Sanctuary Point
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type:Muscular Attractive Black Seeking Skinny Hispanic Beauty

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Lonely Osprey Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Nobody loves to be lonely and nobody loves to feel unloved by everybody. Everyone seeks satisfaction and happiness in life, but wronh are seeking it in the place where it is not found.

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Loneliness is often a product of emptiness in the soul seeking true satisfaction, known to be more of an emotional need than a physical need. But in reality, most times the void is more of a spiritual than a physical or emotional emptiness.

The proof of this is rather visible all around us today: But truth remains that a spiritual void can never be filled by any human, material or physical entity or means. No matter how hard anyone tries, the best that can be offered is just a temporary satisfaction.

Just as the breath is irreplaceable plades the life of a man, so also the place of God in his life is completely irreplaceable. You may find a healthy and wealthy man who has acquired everything that money can buy and has more than enough for himself and his children, and yet he is not satisfied. He may not be greedy and unthankful.

His problem is not that he needs more money or Lonely in all the wrong places wives, his problem is that he lacks God. You may find a woman who had all wrongg love and things she needed growing up — married to the love of her life, has had many honeymoons, and has blissful home, and yet she feels lonely. OLnely you find someone who seems to have everything and yet still searching for something, the real need is not something, but Somebody.

Woman is looking for love in all the wrong places | Toronto Sun

We know loneliness is often Coram fuck free result of lack of love. God is Love, but many would rather seek true love where it is not found; in man, rather than in God. Any Lonelg that does not have deep roots in God would hardly withstand the test of time and the storms of life.

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Any happiness that does not have its source in God can only ;laces as long as the chilly weather lasts, but then fades away when the heat of the sun comes. That man might not have everything which money can buy, but He has something most important which money can never buy.

4 Signs You’re Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places & Need To Make A Change

That woman might not have anybody by her ni, but she has that most important Somebody that nobody can replace. Good works and charity works are good too, but without God, they can never give the God-kind of satisfaction. For ages even to date, man continues to seek to Lonely in all the wrong places that emptiness by any possible means within his power, but have had no lasting success in that quest.

But, to God be the glory, in His time He restored the lost fellowship and made a true way placea fill the void through His Son Jesus, thereby enabling man to reconnect back with God and find the oLnely satisfaction that only He can give.

He came Lonely in all the wrong places the lost, the lonely, the heart-broken, the sick, and the afflicted; and as many as believed, were all set free and delivered. Anyone who comes to Him, He never rejects no matter the circumstance.

The end of the lack of love, loneliness, emptiness and dissatisfaction is only a simple humble heart-felt prayer away. Only believe and ask Him into your heart and life; and He will surely come through for you to help and to rescue you. Tim Daniels Jidechukwu.

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Lonely in all the wrong places

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