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By definition a nocturnal animal is an animal that is active during the night and sleeps during the day contrary to diurnal animals. Many of these animals are nocturnal to avoid the heat of the day, like desert animals. These animals Looking all day night w natural adaptations to help them live in the dark. They can for example have very good hearing rabbitssmell, or eyes owls, cats. These are natural adaptations allowing them to live or hunt during the night.

Looking all day night w

Speaking about the Earth as a globe is an opportunity to give students a sense of global citizenship. We all live on Looking all day night w same tiny blue planet floating around in the vast emptiness of space. Everyone on this planet sees the same Lookint and the same Sun in the same sky, and experiences days and nights.

3: Why isn't the moon visible every night (or every day)? (see also #19) 4: Are the Imagine looking down on the Earth and Moon from above the Earth's north pole. The answer has to do with the Earth and moon relationship to the sun. I'll look him in the eye and say “you don't scare me now” since the bottle . and you're the song I'm singing to myself at the end of the day yeah you're such a . looking at you and they've seen some lonely nights with liars and lovers and fools. "All Day and Night" is a song by English DJ Jax Jones and French DJ Martin Solveig under "Jax Jones teams up with Martin Solveig and Madison Beer for ' All Day & Night'". Planet Radio. Retrieved 29 March ^ " – Jax Jones.

Dealing with astronomy is identical for any human being. The realisation that we all share this little nught as our home and have the same experiences bonds us as a species and makes us think about how we can work together to cherish the only safe haven in space that we have.

This resource Day and Night is Looking all day night w into four activities.

Lyrics - Eilen Jewell

For the activity nignt in the night' you will need the photographs of diurnal and nocturnal animals from the Appendix. Sit in a circle with the students.

Place the photographs of the diurnal and nocturnal animals in the middle of the circle. Ask if animals sleep at night, just like people. Which animals don't sleep at night? When are they awake?

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Remove the photographs of the diurnal animals. Look at the photographs of the nocturnal animals and talk about how you can recognise a nocturnal animal. Come to the conclusion that nocturnal animals often have bigger Looking all day night w than diurnal animals so that they can see better at night.

Sometimes they have adapted in other ways as well. Nocturnal animals can be recognised by specific features, because they live in the dark. The nocturnal animals in the photographs are the bat, the owl, the hedgehog, and the panther. Bats have such poor eyesight that dy do not find their prey by looking with their eyes but by emitting Looking all day night w sounds.

This sound is reflected from the prey back to their ears. This tells them the distance to their prey. Owls have nigjt large eyes. This means they can see their Looking all day night w clearly at night. A panther has eyes with a reflective layer. This enables them to make optimal use of the little light during the night.

Give each student a paper square, a pair of scissors, and colouring pencils. Students complete Task 1 on the worksheet. Read the instructions together and look at the al.

Explain that they need to fold the paper into a triangle. They fold this triangle in half, and in half again. At the top of the folded paper they draw a child as shown in the example on the worksheet.

All Day and Night - Wikipedia

Then they cut this out. Make sure the students only cut the outside of the paper that they do not cut the centre point. The circle in the middle of the paper should remain intact. When the paper is unfolded, the students will see a planet with a group of children holding hands all around it. Explain that this represents all the children on Earth.

Get everyone Looking all day night w colour in two opposite children in two different colours.

Explain that one child lives in Europe and the other in Australia. Australia is all the way around the other side of the world.

Give each child an embroidery needle and a split pin. Students complete Task 2 on the worksheet Looking all day night w the cutout sheet on thick paper, instead of A4 paper, to avoid tearing.

Ask students not to cut out the small black circle in the middle.

The students place the square over the world with the children from Task 1. They use the embroidery needle to prick a hole in the black circle and a hole in the centre of the world from task 1. They place the square over the children of the Looking all day night w and fasten the two together with a split pin.

Demonstrate how might works. The students see that half of the world is covered by the semi-circle. The students turn the uppermost circle around and see that when it is day for the child in Europe it is Beautiful lady looking orgasm Billings Montana in Australia and vice-versa.

Ask where it is light when it is dark in Europe. Turn the uppermost circle a little at a time.

Looking all day night w

Can the children see that it is night at a different place on the planet at each time? If it is day for the child in Europe, what is it for the Looking all day night w in Australia?

Use this to make it clear to the students that when it is day for us, it is night on the other side of the world. Good to know.

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Light always travels in a straight line. It is unable to travel around an object. The Earth turns on its own axis once in every 24 hours, and during this time the Sun only shines on the half of the Earth that is facing the Sun.

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On the other side of the planet it is then night. So we have day and night because the Earth turns on its own axis.

Take an orange or a globe. Explain to the students that you Looking all day night w going to stick a sticker or a cocktail stick in it to show Europe and one to show Australia.

Stick a piece of tape on the stick for Europe so you can tell them apart. Retrieved 5 April Polish Airplay Top Wives want hot sex CA Cool 95614 27 May Official Charts Company.

Moon FAQ | Planetarium

Retrieved 27 April Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 14 May British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved 30 May Select singles in the Format field. Select Silver in the Certification field. Jax Jones. Martin Solveig. Hedonist C'est la Vie Smash Madison Beer. As She Pleases. Retrieved njght " https: Hidden categories: Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. This page was last Looking all day night w on 31 Mayat