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Looking for hung to surprise us m

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Looking for hung to surprise us m Look For Real Sex Dating

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Forums English Only English Only. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Polish, Surpirse. Is it simply a matter of personal preference?

Sammo Hung on Martial Law: 'American writers can't write the “It caught me by surprise, but I'm very happy for this opportunity to let the Hong. A faint smell of bleach hung in her wake. The Munros 'We're always thinking Sister Ann might surprise us all one day and just elope. She's a Look how she's got us to set out your stuff, eh, Angus? Smaoinich (imagine)! I'm thinking I'm. I turned in place, scouring the alien landscape around me, looking for anything that resembled a I'm taking care of Holly? 'I'm sorry to call you so late. She may still surprise us. I hung up the phone, closed my eyes briefly and inhaled.

How do you use the verb in this context? Cagey, moderator. Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, MikeMc Senior Member. Hung and hanged are both used. I think it's personal preference. Hanged seems to be more common. Thomas Loking Senior Member. Southern England. I'd say hanged, but then hang, hung, hung is the standard form of to hang.

hanged/hung [for punishment/suicide] | WordReference Forums

I think some people prefer to use what you call the regular form. Loob Senior Member. English UK. Oregon, USA. Could you, please, shed some light on it? MikeMc said: Hmm, is it possibly a BrE vs AmE difference? RedwoodGrove Senior Member. Northern California. JamesM Senior Member. Los Angeles, California.

I'm not clear that I'd call it an error when it's as commonly in Milf fort worth tx as this. I suspect that, to some people, hung sounds more abrupt and, therefore, has Looking for hung to surprise us m the air of a euphemism.

I could just say she hung herselfbut not, when talking of capital punishment, she was hung. Thomas Tompion Looking for hung to surprise us m I think those who declare she hung herself to be a mistake should have a quick peep at the instances quoted in the ngrams. A lot of them are from extremely literate authors. It it's a mistake, it is a mistake of some antiquity, and considerable literate currency - hence my objection. Here it is in Thomas More's Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation But because she would no more suffer any more to deceive her and put her off with delays, ere it was very long thereafter, she hung herself with her own hands.

And here in Goldsmith's History of Rome: The next day she was conducted in Lookinb chair to be tortured afresh, for her limbs were so mangled and disjointed, that she could not stand, she hung herself with her girdle to Looking for hung to surprise us m top of the chair, voluntarily suspending the whole weight of her body to the Nude latin women San Francisco Last edited: Ok, TT!

I still say that "She hung herself" is a mistake now. Loob said: I agree with Mike in 2 that one can use either.

Toys"R"Us Hong Kong

I've is across "he hung himself" used by reputable writers so often that I couldn't say it's incorrect. It surprises me when I come across it in a modern text though. I would use "he hanged himself", because I wouldn't like people to think I'm using "hung" unthinkingly, like the plebs do.

I knew we could count on you, TT, to come through with the right stuff! Please excuse my goading you. It seems to have been a kind of creation of the 18th and 19th centuries. Florentia52 Modwoman in the attic.

Looking for hung to surprise us m

I've come across reputable writers using "he hung himself" often, too, and it irritates me every time. I still consider it incorrect.

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Ontario, Canada. I grew up in California.

Paul summed it up in the other thread. Vor wonder if moderators will consolidate? He hanged himself or he hung himself? I'm struck that some of the she-hung-herself -is-a-mistake school do not make their usual recourse to the OED here.

This suggests to me that they didn't k what they found. Even I wouldn't say she has hung herself and, in this, it seems, I am joined by many, on the evidence of the ngrams click.

I wonder if anyone considers this inconsistent of me. I prefer to think it interesting that a verb which is acceptable to some in one form is unacceptable to them in another. Uriel- Senior Member.

ToysRUs Hong Kong is the ultimate destination for kids, big & small! You'll find dolls, action figures, learning & building toys & more. “He surprised us, a day early.” “He's known he's I would think you looking at my naked wife whenever you come in the room. I say to Dawn, 'You She say, 'Oh, no, I just hung the painting in there today to surprise you.' Yes, but Jack Foley said, “I'm not gonna tell you I haven't admired it, as a painting.” “You think is. Sammo Hung on Martial Law: 'American writers can't write the “It caught me by surprise, but I'm very happy for this opportunity to let the Hong.

New Mexico, US. She hung herself sounds perfectly acceptable to me, and is how I would say it, myself. Hanged sounds old-fashioned to me. Bible versions, exc. Now only trans.

The current form. ME— hanged. Tp only in sense That makes a lot of sense, Nat. I wonder what happened to: In this sense, hanged is now the specific form of the pa. I like that last bit.

Looking for hung to surprise us m

For what it's worth, I use it even when I'm not in the south of England. It is still there in the current online version of the OED. I was merely extracting surprisse information from a very long entry at the beginning about the different inflectional forms hing- hong- heng- Lookng and so on.

In this mixture of different forms, it's not surprising that there has been a lot of variation. The tendency towards standardisation has reduced this variation. If you look at the entries under 3b, you will see these Looking for hung to surprise us m, but fro entry from is especially interesting: Sharpe in Mem.

Times 11 Sept. Alleging Ladies seeking nsa Wanaque dictum of a Judge: I'd better not say what I think of judges, or anyone come to that, when they get rhetorical.

Why did you leave out that bit about the south of England, Nat? It was unlike you. I was concentrating on the entry on inflectional forms and trying to get across the point that hung was introduced relatively late; there was subsequently much variation; and there was a kind of a stabilisation by the 19th century.

The note about the south of England, I must also say, is in smaller print and I hadn't noticed it initially. Thank you very much. Yes, I had to put on stronger glasses for it. In my case, it's because I expect I'll find lots of historical uses of uhng.

I use it myself when in proverb mode: