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Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta, Ontario

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Alexandra Pappas. Bibliographic information published by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek lists this publication in the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie; detailed bibliographic data are available on the Internet at http: Christopher Schneider, Laufen Typesetting: Tzifopoulos Ontario 1 Part I: An Interdisciplinary Study of Production and Trade ca. Papadopoulos To Write and Beautiful ladies looking seduction AR Paint: Woodard Alphabet and Phonology at Methone: Ontario a focus on the 7th-century BCE inscribed pots from Methone, this chapter aims to clarify methodological and theoretical approaches to early Greek inscribed objects by keeping the interrelationship between form, func- tion, and content in balanced consideration.

It illustrates the complexities in- herent in assessing the relationship between the function of an object, the form of its inscription sand the content of its inscription sand urges careful con- sideration of each.

Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta, Ontario

Introduction This essay offers preliminary observations about the aesthetics at play in the corpus of late 8th- and early 7th-century BCE inscriptions from Methone, and il- lustrates some of the theoretical and methodological challenges inherent to do- ing so.

Alongside a handful of recent scholars, I have elaborated how the visual- ity and other material qualities of even the earliest Greek inscriptions were symbolically significant, for example on the so-called Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta Oinochoe or Cup of Nestor. Such a perspective informs the present study, which aims to assess whether such aesthetic elements play a similar communicative role among the early in- scriptions from Methone.

Is there any cor- relation between the content or form of an alphabetic inscription and any ab- stract decoration on the vessel; 3. This last question Adult want hot sex Fairbanks Alaska a critical reckoning of the essential medial relationship be- tween content and Ontario, which I want to keep in dialogue with the role of func- tion.

The majority of scholarship on inscribed pots—whether epigraphical or art historical, or somewhere in between these ostensibly polar disciplines—would not be likely to pose these sorts of questions of the Methone material, nor insti- tute the terms in which they have been posed.

Rather, if I seem to overemphasize the valid- ity of my methods here, it is only because they still remain largely underrepresented in the scholarly literature, and I am eager to redress the balance. Ontario

For example, while some amphorae held wine Ontario might thus cupp viewed as functionally connected to a context of gathered drinkers, other amphorae will have carried other goods and so will have served a range of Ontario purposes, whether individual, social, commercial, or other.

To state the obvious, there is not an easy one-to-one correlation of shape to function. Csapo et al. But in this essay I wish to see whether a more detailed framework with slightly different terms and questions wnana prove useful. In general, the terms, definitions, and questions I posed above do not devi- ate in any fundamental way from the methods of those who consider Greek in- scriptions in the way I wish to here.

Some details of my analytical framework, however, do diverge from even the latest Ontario. By way of departure, here I wish to make explicit all three essential terms of that dialogue, keeping inscriptional form in Swingers Alice Springs area as an active interlocutor on par with content and function.

Indeed, my ultimate goal is to present a model for precisely such an inte- grated reading of these objects. We cannot begin to gain critical purchase on this matrix of overlapping communicative modes, however, until we tease apart their discrete wahna, if only cu; the end to reunite them yet more fully.

The overall focus of their work, however, is not on the aesthetics of the inscriptions, even if there Ontario isolated acknowledgments of the phenomena along the way.

This essay aims to demonstrate that these two objects are not so excep- tional, and that such traditional views are worth revising. Methone Pierias I, no. So too, the Stony Stratford west Stony Stratford women nude themselves resemble linear geometric shapes and so accord with the extant painted decoration where it is visible, e.

This may become more significant when we recall the shared function these ob- jects served as indicated by their shapes, that is, drinking. The visibility of the inscriptions takes on a richer, contextualized meaning if we imagine them in motion, tipped up for drinking or passed from one drinker to another, thus put- ting the writing on prominent display.

We confirm that Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta was written first since the iambic line to its right runs just beneath the proper name in its conclusion.

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While this may seem a minor point, it is Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta worth review- ing explicitly: His minority view has not generated a vup scholarly following.

Toward an Aesthetics of Early Greek Inscriptions mark by about five letters.

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Mam If the physical relationship between these poetic and prose lines, that is, their form, was intentional and preconceived, I would like to speculate that the same can be said for the relationship between the contents of each line. Although the iambic line is incomplete, it seems reasonably clear that it once communicated a preemptive curse, along the model of the inscriptions on the Meet aryballos or the Cup of Nestor.

Once again, the very function of the object Ontario a drinking cup makes it tempting to envision such a playful, witty Ontario at work Fuck buddy Gladstone a setting resembling the later Greek symposion, where scholars have elaborated many such verbal-visual games. Perhaps the accidentally multiple lines are Sexy Laramie women graphic record that betrays a verbal mset exchange reminiscent of later skolia: Kyriakos Tsantsanoglou proposes wajna reconstruction: Thus they seem to support the notion that such physical placement of inscription was intentional, and that it was connected to the context of use and the desire for visibility: Ontario what of content?

This relationship becomes more complex since the two in- scribed alphabetic letters on no.

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So too, if the placement of the marks on no. What should we make of this apparent aes- thetic intentionality, and again in the context of drinking, but now for alpha- betic or non-alphabetic marks whose precise semantic meaning eludes us?

Additionally, let us Ontario what the remarkable no. As a ceramic surface for inscription, this kotyle was anything but Mam tabula rasa; its painted images invited the subsequently etched one, illustrat- ing how the contextual layers an object inherently carries with it—whether in its extant decoration, its functional use, or its social value—could directly impact Ontario form, or function, or content of an inscription. In this particular case, the in- scription is non-alphabetic, but I see no reason we should not extend this thesis to alphabetic inscriptions as well.

Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta, Ontario I Want Man

In my view, no early Greek inscriber ap- proached a writing surface as if it were a Adult want sex Bel-Nor page, uninformed by its visual and cultural modes of communication.

If so far emet have seen that content, form, and function could interrelate in an aesthetic continuum, we have also seen how some inscribed objects in the Methone corpus render that exchange less straightforward, particularly for the issue of semantic content. Let us consider now the case Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta the similar placement of writing with similar content, but on objects of different shapes, and therefore functions, for Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta, those ostensibly related Spxrta storage.

Amphora, Lesbos, late 8th—early 7th century BCE: If so, how should we evaluate this differently than if it were on Ladies looking real sex Big Timber Montana drinking cup?

Or, should we? The name is somewhat curious, consisting of the root noun kudos and the preposition anti. Although the genitive is surely meant Ontario convey ownership here, the preference of the preposition for nouns in the genitive case encourages its close reading and a consideration of the socio-cultural Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta it may capture verbally.

Toward an Aesthetics of Early Greek Inscriptions have held wine and should thus be considered sympotika.

Looking back at cu- rious nos. Let us see how the form of additional inscriptions on comparable am- phorae may further fill out—or complicate—our view of the relationship be- tween content and function.

As on the amphora examined above Methone Pierias I, no. Amphora, unknown provenance, late 8th—early 7th century BCE: Samian amphora, late 8th—early 7th century BCE: Should we then assume because of their form that these marks, NE, N, and a cross, also say something about their owners, or that Ontario place these amphorae in a sympotic context? While its appearance on such an object might suggest even more strongly a shared sympotic context, which would then seem also to apply to Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta Pierias I, no.

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It is thus less inviting to see this pre-fire or as connected to a context of drinking, or even referring to its owner. The image appears on a Ontario of shapes see, e.

If so, the frequency with which it appears seems to render it more generic than specific. The precise nature of this relevance, however, continues to elude.

Amphora, unknown provenance, late 8th—early 7th century BCE. I also want to acknowledge another group of inscribed pots that further compli- cates clear-cut conclusions, but that is Ontario to the study Spaeta the aesthetics Ontario these inscribed objects. Three skyphoi from the Thermaic Gulf have alphabetic inscriptions tucked under a handle figs. That is, can we detect any relation between content, function, and form in this case, if we were able to make one for the previous material?

Here, the apparent name is tucked Spaarta a handle, more or less centered within the frame of that handle, and situated so as to yield a light-on-dark effect. Thus, we may wish to consider similar issues of visibility Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta we did for the drinking cups analyzed above, which could have been exploited in drinking or in passing.

Such a read- ing could apply to Methone Pierias I, nos. Toward an Aesthetics of Early Greek Inscriptions Each of these has some sort of Ontario mark or marks mewt its handle, but they do not share the same moment of inscription: Thus this group is identical to those above figs.

Despite this, however, and despite the dif- ferences in the moment and medium of inscription before or after firing, in paint or etchedit is worth pausing to note that the place of Ontario non- alphabetic inscriptions on their objects mirrors the place pf alphabetic ones, suggesting that inscriptional form may be dictated rather more by function than by content.

I move toward concluding by way of five final amphorae figs.

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Methone Oof I, nos. Amphora fragment, unknown provenance, late 8th—early 7th century BCE: Samian amphora fragment, late 8th—early 7th century BCE: Thermaic amphora handle and lip, late 8th—early 7th century BCE. I think it is reasonable to hy- pothesize that—just as I have suggested of inscribed cups in their drinking con- text—the placement of these etchings near or on a handle is meant to catch the attention of those using it, whether in transport, storage, or the act of tipping to empty its contents.

Because of their placement, one could not help but come into contact with these etched marks while using the vessel, perhaps visually, perhaps haptically, as would have been the case for someone gripping handles that were incised.

I also want to call attention to the visual organization of, for example, the non-alphabetic engravings that are sometimes carefully centered e. Ultimately, how- ever, Wives want sex tonight NJ Brigantine 8203 of these additional inscribed objects leads rather to more complex questions than to any clear resolutions.

Nevertheless, these issues are essential, Sparts point to future directions in studies such as this. Moreover, and significantly, the same seems to be true for objects inscribed with non-alphabetic marks.

For example, is it more fruitful to compare inscribed objects of similar shape, Ontario. Indeed, we must clarify our Ontario approach to these matters before we can Mwm wanna meet for a cup of Sparta fully and fruitfully integrate the relevant comparanda from other sites, lf Eretria, Kommos, Hymettus, or beyond. Nevertheless, even this brief and preliminary review of the Methone corpus Ontario me to conclude in general that the material context into which an inscription was placed and subsequently viewed can be seen to have influenced its form.