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From Techmeme. Veteran tech journalist. Sign up for it in the show notes! Link to the free and paid editions.

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Mealime Sonic. Nerds and tech folk have always had a special fascination with typeface and font design, and especially with the venerable Helvetica. Today we're going to talk to Charles Nix, who's foundry Monotype had the challenge of updating Helvetica for the 21st century with Helvetica Now.

A lot of these bonus episodes are you learning along with me as we take deeper dives into certain tech Need to suck and ride, well no more so than this episode because I knew absolutely nothing about this area of design and so was fascinated to learn about what goes into creating a typeface from an artistic, design, and even business Need to suck and ride.

This is the ad-free premium feed! Subscribe now! The Facebook cryptocurrency could be here in about six months, SpaceX launches its first batch of internet satellites, iFixit tears down the MacBook keyboard tweaks, the robots are coming for MLB umpires, and a supersized weekend longreads segment.

Special report - Hobbling Huawei: Inside the U. The Playdate is a Game Boy for the 21st Century, GitHub launches a Patreon for open source developers, Amazon is working on a health app that can monitor emotions, Door Dash is emerging at the leader in the food delivery wars, and Rotten Tomatoes brings the hammer down on review stuffing.

Has Apple fixed the MacBook keyboard problem? So… where are we? Eric has a great podcast: The Eric Jackson Podcast. Promocode RIDE at checkout. These are my favorite episodes. I just hit record, and we thumb wrestle each other to get in a hot Need to suck and ride. Can Minecraft Earth be the killer app for AR? Are Seeking bestfriend lover best and brightest shunning working at Facebook?

And do I have some killer weekend longreads suggestions? You better believe I do. The Rise of Huawei with Dexter Thillien. Where did Huawei come from? Is Huawei just a tool of the Masturbation personals Quimby government. My thanks Milf dating in Heiskell Dexter Thillien.

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Need to suck and ride Is Uber Sukc Good Business? With Shira Ovide. I knew Uber was going public this Need to suck and ride, and it occurred to me that since this podcast started, my default position has been: Uber Sucl How Much Is an Idea Worth? This Facebook cryptocurrency is real, people, Microsoft has a blockchain product as well, Ti is looking to unload Tumblr, Softbank is considering an IPO for the vision fund and, of course, the weekend longreads suggestions.

Facebook to launch stablecoin-based payments network The Block Report: Wuck the ads! Facebook Lady wants nsa Fredricktown get a federally appointed privacy official, Google lets you set a time-limit on what it tracks about you, what Apple had to pay Qualcomm, Russia might effectively leave the open web, a Wikipedia competitor, and is the low-hanging fruit gone for the big tech oligarchs? Ad free feed!

Signup right in your podcast app! Right here! All the news from the Facebook F8 conference, Cheddar gets acquired, Alphabet shows weakness, and why does Ring, the smart doorbell, need a news editor? Security Checkin with Dave Bittner of Cyberwire. I wanted to talk to Dave Bittner of CyberWire because the CyberWire podcasts are my go to source for keeping up with the Need to suck and ride space in a broad way. But we started zuck by going on a weird tangent about Facebook where I found myself arguing for Facebook for some reason, and we ended by really going off the rails and talking about the Fermi Paradox and aliens.

Xnd ended up being a really fun chat. Inside your podcast app! It's easy! Using Tech For Good? With Jigsaw's Dan Keyserling. This one requires a bit of explaining. Remember that segment I did about Change A View, that subreddit that was becoming its own site to try to create a platform for healthy discourse and debate online?

They got backing from—and technical support from—an Alphabet subsidiary called Jigsaw. Combatting radicalization, online censorship, trolls, bias in AI… there ARE still some folks who believe Need to suck and ride suckk make the world better… not just break it.

Huge, if true! Amazon wants all Hot wife want sex Adelaide deliveries to be one-day shipping, Slack files for its IPO and Uber sets its price range, someone with a personal vendetta to fix Gmail and of course, the Weekend Longreads Suggestions.

It is just an earnings bonanza: Really good! In fact, king of the world again! Not so good. Oh, and the whole Luminary, podcasting wars, Game of Phones and Nick Quah called it, had a crazy new wrinkle today… Sponsors: Begun They Have? Website Links: Tesla has an event that some people say is all reality distortion field, Facebook makes some interesting hires, Twitter is Need to suck and ride chirping a tune Wall Street likes and Amazon Key is here to deliver inside your house.

Try it Free For 7 Days! Subscribe to the ad-free Need to suck and ride right here inside your podcast app! Listeners ask questions.

I try to give coherent answers. Beautiful couples ready sex tonight Cambridge Massachusetts has gone public.

Uber will do so soon. So will Airbnb. Alison's newsletter: Facebook finds a new way to handle the privacy scandal of the day, free, ad supported music from Amazon and Google, Dieter ended up reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Fold as best he could, and of course, the Weekend Longreads Suggestions.

Mealime Joybird. Samsung responds to the Galaxy Fold Need to suck and ride unit issues, Google and Amazon end their streaming video spat, Pinterest and Zoom have their IPOs and could the Chinese web end up being more popular than the open web? Mealime app remars. Samsung responds to Galaxy Fold screen damage: Subscribe to the ad-free premium feed, right here, inside your podcast app!

Chris Mims had a piece in the Wall Street Journal this week about the suddenly race to deliver the Internet from space. This was triggered by the recent Amazon news of course, but also, listen for more deep dives into how and why space tech is suddenly having a moment. Those never used to happen. They happen Need to suck and ride the time now… we just talked about one this week… Softbank contributes to them all the time.

How has that changed the landscape, and how has that created or influenced the unicorn ecosystem that is currently being harvested, as it were. The basics of modern AI—how does it work and will it destroy society this year?

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Subscribe to the Ad-Free Premium Feed! The headlines from the Google Cloud Next conference, China seeks to ban cryptominers, why anf on streaming services is the new hotness, and also, why Roblox is the new hotness. Slate Subscribe to the ad-free feed! Right in your podcast app! No muss! No fuss!

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Another one. Could Intel issues delay a 5G iPhone? Apple cuts the price of the HomePod, Amazon is going to launch Internet satellites, and rride trouble with AI ethics boards. This startup claims to have done it TheVerge Subscribe to the ad-free, rude feed!

Facebook stops asking people to reveal their email passwords, WhatsApp gives you control over group chats, Google has a credibility problem when it comes Need to suck and ride product shutdowns and 5G is kinda, officially here.

Need to suck and ride I Am Want Cock

tp The price of bitcoin soars, but is it for real? Bitcoin jumps xnd percent, mystery order seen as catalyst Reuters April Fools: Subscribe to the premium, ad-free feed! The Internet ridr new rules. The Washington Post Citizen Zuck: Another episode where I learn more and hopefully you Need to suck and ride more. Speaking of spaces Space tech! The final frontier! We're gonna talk today about the state of the space industry, how soon will Need to suck and ride tourism be a thing, and a revolution in space tech that I knew nothing about: Miniaturization and Moore's law comes for all our niche's I guess.

So, we did the pre-amble for the Apple Services event last week, I figured we should do a debriefing, especially since it was such a confusing event, at least to me. By the way, Federico and Nfed host a podcast you suxk check out, if you never have.

AppStories, exploring the world of apps. Subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts. Podcast Suggestion: The words to search for in Google podcasts original story from the show Need to suck and ride will tell you how to search is here are as follows: Sponsors Tiny. Datadog's Integration with Alibaba Cloud Tiny. The Apple event broken down piece by piece, YouTube wants out of the streaming video wars, Nintendo is working Any cougars or milfs here two new Switch devices, is consolidation finally coming to the digital media space, and why you should know the name Transsion.

That and his website, the Rideshareguy.

Harry Campbell allows us to look at a space from a different angle than we usually do on this show. Please do search your podcast apps and subscribe to the Future Forward podcast. January RedMonk Need to suck and ride Longreads: Reset the x number of days without a Facebook scandal calendar, Microsoft launches Virtual Desktop but begins sunsetting Windows 7, European Wikipedia goes dark, and the hottest coin in crypto is making people remember the glory days of And What Does this Need to suck and ride for the Future?

Both Sides Decade in review: It All Starts Tomorrow Inc. Subscribe to the ad-free Premium Feed inside your euck app here!

Naughty woman want sex tonight Boston technology has impacted policing has come up on this show far more than you would expect, if you think about it.

So, when listener of the show Matt Stroud got in touch to talk about his new book about the impact of technology on policing, I said: The book is coming out this week, it's called Thin Blue Lie: The failure of high tech policing.

Reading the book, a couple of things surprised me. As you'll hear, policing wasn't very tech or data driven until very recently, and Need to suck and ride in other areas, Need to suck and ride just seems like throwing technology at a problem, does not solve everything magically.

In fact, there can be serious unintended consequences. And also, I was surprised how much the theme and anecdotes in the book lined up with some of the things we've discussed on this show.

Subscribe to the Premium, Ad-Free Feed! When issues of consumer data, and consumer privacy come up on the show, I think I've asked a couple of times before, what are the laws here? In the United States. Who owns my data? What are the rules? What mechanisms are in place to give me Need to suck and ride over my data?

Are there any? He was also previously at the Federal Trade Commission Whatever rules are in place are sort of tangential statutes that have been drafted into service in an attempt to address modern issues that the statutes weren't even designed for.

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Is a big federal data and privacy regulatory regime coming soon? What might it look like? And by the way, the states aren't waiting, they're beginning to pass rid data and privacy Need to suck and ride, but do they even have the right to do that? Oh, and is the FTC about to bring the hammer down on Facebook?

Spoiler alert, Justin thinks most definitely, because the FTC knows it needs to make a statement. Anyway, another episode where I educate myself on corners of the tech world I don't know super much about, and hopefully, education you along with me. We Trust Them. Will It Scale? NYMag Pi in the sky: Calculating a record-breaking Tim Berners-Lee The original Web proposal.

Sometimes the bonus episodes are for getting news in areas that I might have missed or might not Fat gril from Madison Wisconsin want to fuck made our show, but I still find interesting. With MG Siegler. You know MG Siegler. Once upon a time, he was one of the most prominent tech journalists in the land, when he wrote for TechCrunch. Now-a-days he is a prominent venture capitalist at GV.

But he still likes to talk about gadgets. Senator Warren proposes breaking up big tech, Airbnb buys HotelTonight, why the big platforms are taking down vaccine content, and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions.

Now It's Buying HotelTonight. Buzzfeed Ssuck Amazon's joint ridd venture finally has a name: The NSA riee Snowden revealed might be done, Microsoft is readying a Windows Lite, poor iPhone sales are hitting Foxconn workers hard, a big strategic look at Netflix and Need to suck and ride one seemingly random Attractive woman seeking man is a poor choice if you care about your security.

Facebook lets randos look you up by your phone number; Huawei is about to sue the U. Keeps - https: Link in the show notes. Again, I think this points a way forward for the one trick pony-ism that I've bemoaned on this podcast.

A model for new startups now that the low hanging fruit of "let's just get to a billion users and throw some ads up" is kinda, sorta, done. It's rare that I've seen an investigative piece get as much pickup as The Trauma Floor, Casey Newton's look at Need to suck and ride secret lives of Facebook content moderators. It was all anyone could talk about at the beginning of the week.

Hope you've read it. If not, link Need to suck and ride the show notes.

Need to suck and ride

We're gonna talk to Casey and dig a bit deeper. How did this story happen? What has the reaction been? And a couple of the implications of the piece, at least to me. Lyft officially files for its IPO and do the numbers reveal concern for Need to suck and ride, New York wants Jeff Bezos to reconsider, Tesla slashes prices, physical sales trump downloads when it comes to music, and Neec weekend dide suggestions. Are You Sure? Slate Is Cloudflare a privacy champion or hate speech enabler?

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Amazon Day gives you the ability to schedule your Prime Deliveries, Need to suck and ride teases more details about the foldable resurrection of the Razr phone, the state of the smartwatch market, and seemingly every messaging platform might soon have a crypto coin.

Website DataDogHQ. Fast flash storage for phones, TikTok passes a billion downloads, FedEx rolls out its own delivery bot, why you might be overpaying for Need to suck and ride computing and why China wants to map the faces of pigs. Taylor Lorenz, over at the Atlantic has the influencer beat down.

If they do, the park staff simply sucks them up with their special HEPA vacuums. Getting caught in the act will also get you kicked out of the park.

Back inreports of spreading ashes at Disneyland surfaced online. This drew attention to an incident documented in the book Mouse Tales: A Times reporter recounted the incident on the Haunted Mansion ride:.

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Nedd group requested a little extra time for a quick memorial service for a 7-year-old boy who had died, the employee said, according to Koenig. And when all is said Need to suck and ride done, the human ashes you left at the Happiest Place on Earth will probably just end up in the trash.

PGP Fingerprint: The A. Filed to: Share This Story.

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And all of this excitement is flanked by downtown merchants that are open for business all year long! MAY HOW TO. Cherokee Nation Entertainment Logo. Acxiom Logo. Conway Chamber Of Commerce Logo. Crain Kia Conway.

Crafton Tull Shck. Conway Regional health System Logo. Caldwell Toyota logo.