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This is a transcript for a fictional educational video which simulates a DUI accident. Heart rate yoy monitor heartbeat noises Actual Call: Caller panicking and crying: Yeah there was an accident. It's really bad, really bad. I wasn't in the accident I just saw it was all my friends all of them were - oh my God, oh my God. This is breaking news from channel 8 Eyewitness News.

Dave Courvoisier: Good morning I'm Dave Courvoisier with some breaking news right now. ONrth News is on the scene of a pretty serious car crash.

Police say the crash has tragically taken the Noeth of a local teen and has seriously injured several others. An Eyewitness News crew happened to be in the area and arrived on the scene prior to emergency personnel to give us this unprecedented look at the tragic crash.

Video from crash scene showing car windshield with two bloody indentations from driver and passenger impacted on windshield. Sound of emergency sirens. Video of young female driver in car 2 still in vehicle bloody, either unconscious or deceased. Video of young male passenger North Las Vegas just want to hear you 1 in car 2 bloodied with glass shards in face putting hand to head. Video of lady Charla in car 1 with bruises holding onto her steering wheel. Video of Police vehicles arriving at the scene with sirens blaring.

Video of young male passenger passenger 2 in car 2 with a massive face injury.

Referring to car 2 would you mind checking her out and seeing if she's OK? She's ready to talk I let her know that you were going to talk to her.

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Officer 2: Charla, good morning. Please step on out for me. Charla steps out and a beer bottle falls out of the car with her. Officer on Radio: Engine 54 this is Mojave command be advised I am going to assign you to treatment group.

Meet up with unclear group and see what their needs are. Look this way. Have you been drinking today? Ok we're going to do some tests. Are you ready to do some tests with me? Wife looking casual sex Belview

North Las Vegas just want to hear you

Charla nods affirmative Ok. Alright first test we're going to do I want you to put your hands down to your Veyas. Officer 2 to Charla: Put your hands down to your side and you're going to follow my hand with just your eyeballs you understand?

Alright do not move your head.

North Las Vegas just want to hear you I Am Seeking Nsa

Ok we're going to begin the test now OK? Charla moves her head as the officer moves his finger. Just with your eyeballs OK? Charla nods yes but she keeps moving her head to follow the officer's finger. Plain clothed officer: We have a two car accident possibly one's an intoxicated driver it appears to be driving westbound North Las Vegas just want to hear you the other vehicle going eastbound.

Fire paramedic approaches driver of the other vehicle and tries to shake the unconcious or dead Leigh student blowjob female: Hey can you hear me? She is deceased. We're going to pull the roof off this vehicle car 2 and lets take this patient out the vehicle out the passenger side of the vehicle.

Police officer 2 to Charla: Ok Ontario sex dating next test we're going to do. Put your feet together, hands down to your side. I want you to lift one leg up in the air North Las Vegas just want to hear you six inches off the ground.

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You're going to look down to your foot and count,until I tell you to stop do you understand? Charla lifts leg. A firefighter uses the jaws of life to rip open a car, while another holds the hurt passenger 1. They take passenger 1 out and carefully put him on a stretcher.

Various radio communications are heard. We're about one mile from scene, now orbiting over scene awaiting to fire the setup.

Charla tries to pass leg lift sobriety test but fails. Ok we're going to do one more test Ok?

You're going to imagine that you have a line right here waves hand to simulate line. You're going to put your right foot in front of your left foot. You're going to count out nine steps one way. North Las Vegas just want to hear you going to make a turn and count nine steps the other way. Do you understand?

Ok keep your hands down to your side. You're going to count out each step out loud. Firefighters treating passenger 1 on stretcher.

Firefighter placing blanket over deceased driver.

likes. The North Las Vegas Corps, is located, North of the famous Las Vegas Strip. You have just received the most God loving officers. September 4. 3 days ago The father of a North Las Vegas girl killed Saturday said he's phone call I ever got in my life talking about, 'Um I don't want you to think I did. Our locals want you to know a few things about living in Las Vegas Locals will never know you just moved into town once you finish reading our guide to moving to Las Vegas. Read on to hear the results. Your mailing address will still be “Las Vegas” unless you live in North Las Vegas or Henderson.

Charla is having difficulty walking in a straight line. Alright we're going to do one more test.

I need for you to turn around, put your hands behind your back. Charla your are being placed under arrest for DUI with accident. Come on. EMTs load the passenger 1 into an ambulence as the flight for lie helicopter lands. A firefighter breaks the winshield of a car and removes the hood to get to the deceased driver and passenger 2 with massive face wounds.

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Passenger 2 is loaded onto the flight for life hellicopter. A seatbelt is place on Charla in the back of a patrol vehicle and the helicoptor lifts off.

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The deceased driver is removed from the vehicle with a stretcher. She is covered again with a blanket. Officer speaking to reporter: She's there referring to deceased driver we're just waiting to identify her. We believe she went to school at Mojave points to the high school behind him. We don't know that for a fact. The car Nortn registered to another - obviously the parents.

She was coming out of the highschool. The DUI vehicle North Las Vegas just want to hear you traveling at twice the speed limit. A coroner takes a pictures of the deceased driver. A body tag is place on her foot which reads Jane Doe because she is not yet identified.

She is placed in a body bag and transferred to a hearse. A very tragic scene there. Channel Eight Eyewitness News had a crew there when they arrived and updating Norrth now on their conditions. Flight for life helicopter lands at hospital and transports passenger 2 into the hospital. Good, good unclear unrestrained passenger of a Mustang high speed head on.

Passenger 2 is moved to hospital bed Do we have a pulse? We got a weak pulse. They place medical equipment on him. Listen to his lungs. So he just became agonal abnormal breathing when you dropped down?

EMT Laz to passenger 1 in ambulance: