Caring For and Maintaining Your Soy Wax Candles

  • 100 % soy wax candles must be made in a glass, ceramic, or metal container, due to the softness of the wax and its low melting point. A true soy wax candle will never be in pillar form.
  • During the warmer months you may receive your candle with a very small amount of melted wax present. This will not effect the performance of your candle. Just wipe off. 

Burning Tips:

  • Soy wax is considered "memory wax" so make sure the first time you light your candle you don't blow it out until there is a significant melting pool diameter. If you do not, your melt pool will never go past the diameter of the first burn and can cause your candle wick to drown and no longer light. Burn your candle until a melted  pool of liquid wax completely covers the top of the candle.  (At least one hour for every inch in diameter of the container). This allows your candle to burn evenly and not create a tunnel down the center resulting in a significant amount of wasted wax.
  • When your candles arrive, you may notice oil "beads" on the surface of the candle. This is known as "weeping"; when the wax squeezes some of the oil out and is very common, particularly in warmer and colder climates or if the candles pass through different climates to reach you. We always recommend that you wipe off excess oil before burning your candle for the first time, as the oil may ignite when you light your candle. This is due to "flashpoint", meaning the temperature at which something will ignite. Essential oils by themselves have a lower flashpoint than soy wax, so they will light on fire before soy wax will. Soy wax has a very high flashpoint, which is why it melts but does not burn when a flame hits it. 
  • NEVER burn any candle longer than 4 hours at a time. 
  • Do NOT burn votive candles for more than an hour at a time.
  • If your wick flame is too high extinguish your candle and trim the wick to ¼”. 
  • Always trim your wick to ¼” each time before you light your candle. 
  • After being lit for the first time, the wick may spark or soot if you do not trim it before burning.
  • If you see a noticeable amount of black smoke being emitted from the wick, blow the candle out, trim the wick, and re-light. This combustion reaction can occur if your soy candle wick is too long.
  • Keep your candle burning away from any drafts or vents as they cause the flame to "dance" and can result in an uneven burn pool and smoking of the wick.
  • Keep wax pool free of all debris (matches, wick trimmings)
  • Never leave a candle unattended and always extinguish before going to bed or leaving the house.
  • You may choose to dip the wick into the melted wax to extinguish since blowing out candles causes the wick to smoke and the smoke will adhere to its glass container. 


  • When you burn your soy wax candle, you may notice a mushroom like formation on the end of the wick. This is due to the Eco friendly and health conscious wicks we have selected to use.  Before re-lighting your candle you can remove the ash by trimming it.
  • Our Eco wicks are not primed with paraffin wax.
  • If your candle is burning too heavily on one side, adjust your wick by gently pushing it towards the opposite side of the container some of our wicks naturally curl when burning.This may cause your candle to melt more heavily on one side.Your candle container may have some residual wax on its side.  This will tend to melt away as the candle burns down.

Honest Earth Soy Wax:

  • When using our soy wax as a hand moisturizer and/or massage oil blow out your candle before you touch the melted wax.
  • Our soy wax is ONLY scented w/pure essential oils, NOT synthetic fragrances or essences. Even though our candles are truly natural ALWAYS perform a skin allergy test in-case of any sensitivities to certain oils.
  • Our soy wax has a low melting point. If you receive your candle (especially in the summer months) and some melting has occurred, please note this will not affect the performance of your candle.
  • Honest Earth Candles is not responsible for damage or improper burning related to misuse or alterations of candles. 

WARNING:  If you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, please use essential oils in any form (especially undiluted) with caution or under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Use extreme caution when using essential oils with children. It is safest to consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before use. We highly recommend a skin patch be conducted prior to using an aromatherapy oil that you've never used before. Certain essential oils can prove harmful to children, pets, those with compromised immune systems, and those with certain sensitivities if applied, ingested, and or inhaled in high doses. OUR ESSENTIAL OILS ARE DILUTED BY THE CANDLE'S SOY WAX (NOT BEFORE), HOWEVER WE WANT OUR CUSTOMERS TO HAVE ALL INFORMATION TO MAKE A HONEST AND INFORMED DECISION BEFORE PURCHASE. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS.