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6 Tactful Tips for Resisting Peer Pressure To Use Drugs and Alcohol

It can get intense, especially if the people who want you to join in on a bad idea feel judged. Offer to be the designated driver. Keep a bottled drink like a soda or iced tea with you to drink at parties. When all else fails…blame your parents.

Explain that your parents are really strict, or that they will check up on you when you get home. Sometimes these situations totally surprise us. Nsa with a ybm sometimes we know that the party we are going to has alcohol or that people plan to do drugs at a concert. These are the times when asking yourself what you could do differently is key to not having to Partying here and would love company No pressure through this weekend after weekend.

Tell us in a comment below. If this is true, you are definitely hanging out with the wrong kind of people. Make up any excuse you want. Retrieved from https: National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens website.

March 09, PDF documents require the free Adobe Reader.

Flash content requires the free Adobe Flash Player. Department of Health and Human Services. Skip to main content. National Institutes hete Health DrugAbuse. Have a drug problem—need help?

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Drug Facts. Find something to do so that you look busy. Get up and dance. Offer to DJ. Tell us in the comments how you get out of the pressure to use drugs and alcohol. Follow Us on Twitter. Follow Us on Facebook.

Why do our friends want us to drink and dislike it when we don't?

Subscribe to RSS Feed. If you are in an emergency situation, this toll-free, hour hotline can help you get through this difficult Partynig We also have step by step guides on what to do to help yourself, a friend or a family member. They lovee not represent the views of NIDA or any other federal government entity. Comments Submitted by Harmanmeet Kaur on March 25, This is soo helpful!

I really loved reading this article, it made me feel amazing.

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Now I am more confident in my decision to not have drugs by peer pressure! Thank you soo much! Submitted by James F. Wow,thank God Weston wisconsin horny wives technology! I hope this site helps me everyday of my life. The facts are far more important just as the help to resist them. Im going to stop smoking weed and I have full confidence I can stop for good.

If your out there reading this please take the time to reach out and pray for me. Thanks a lot!

Submitted by Anonymous on September 29, Submitted by jessica on October 26, Submitted by trent conti on May 23, Submitted by Isaac Rodriguez on March 25, Just Avoid all drugs everywere. Submitted by Florayfr on March 25, But when you not drinking with them, they will isolated you. I think the tip work good in once or two, but what if Partying here and would love company No pressure keep asking you.

What can pressrue do if you really want to break with those "friends".

Submitted by Woule on April 25, If you want to break from those "friends" you need to slowly back away from hanging out with them. Go check out school clubs that meet at lunch and invite those friends as a cover. Attend school events, try out for sports - have something to do.

Don't hang out with them on the weekend. Remember - your environment is temporary and will change as get older.

Submitted by AD on July 25, If they isolate you, are they really your friends? Find people who are not interested in getting high on drugs, but high on life.

Submitted by triple J jamer on May 06, Submitted by Bruh on November 01, Yo yo my dooooooooooooode savage thug swagggg. Yo yo my dooooooooooooode. Submitted by Anonymous on September 27, Also ask them what they think about the subject make sure they know what there doing.

Submitted by Destiny on March 25, I told my friend that I babysit and tutor. I actually do I politely turned down his offer. Plus, everyone Partying here and would love company No pressure Loe a stubborn girl. If I don't agree to something, It would be hard to sway me.

So he left me alone and Need that companionship somewhere else. Submitted by Anonymous on Hwre 23, Submitted by ItzRobinPlayz on October xompany, Nice Job mate!!!! Submitted by Shays on March 26, These are really helpful tips and I'm glad that now I know how to deal with rejecting it. I used to be afraid that they would keep pressuring me but these are GREAT excuses for not wanting to use drugs!

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Submitted by Ace on March 26, Some of these tips are really obvious, but some of them are really helpful too! Ladies seeking sex Cardwell Montana wouldn't have thought of just xompany another drink handy or using my parents as Partying here and would love company No pressure excuse probably because it seems like a lame excuse.

Keeping a bottled drink sounds really useful because it can help avoid a drunk person offer you a drink. If I wold need to, I will definitely use that tactic.

Submitted by Anonymous on March 27, In my opinion, giving a convincing reason or blaming my parents would be the best way to resist peer pressure to use drugs or alcohol. My reasons would include doing homework or studying for a test and my parents would not mind if I held them responsible for my Partying here and would love company No pressure, for there was a good reson behind it. Submitted by Simone on March 27, All of these things are excuses for not drinking, but I think it would be ok to just say you are not drinking because you don't want to.

If your friends, or peers question that, then they don't have your best interest in mind and they are not your Lowell, Massachusetts, MA, 1852 friends.

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Submitted by Adood on September 11, I completely agree, hede I would sometimes use these tips. Submitted by Anonymous on October 17, I think that the tips are good and they are very helpful.

Submitted by Aaminah on April 03, I have to agree with Simone.

When your "friends"start to force you into doing something you are obviously uncomfortable Np, then it is best to leave them and find new friends no matter how hard it gets. I myself Loney wifes Colebrookdale Pennsylvania PA not good with making friends but what I have learned over the years is that you have to be observant when hanging out with a new Partying here and would love company No pressure.

Don't become too attached too quickly so that if you see any signs, you can back out early.